Extreme Sports and Activities Travel Insurance

Your lifestyle brings you to Extreme activities while you travel? No problems, we have a Travel Insurance policy specifically designed for you.

Hummingbird Travel Insurance offers medical protection of up to $ 5 million for medical care abroad even during extreme activities such as piloting, freestyle or off-piste skiing, Bobsleigh, mountain biking, Endurance activities of more than 6 hours, Delta Plane, mountaineering below or above 6000 meters, X Games, paragliding, parasailing, extreme jumps, rodeo, race with bulls, scuba diving more than 30 meters deep, ultimate fighting and Martial arts or parachuting or flying in winged combination, motorized sports.

We cover a wide range of activities normally excluded from regular travel insurance policies.

Get an online quote and travel well covered.

Choose the Customize button for Contact Sports, Adventure Sports or Extreme Sports to get the desired protection.

Have a safe trip!

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