Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently being asked by many of our clients about coverage and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as how it may impact future travel. Please refer to the following FAQs to help answer your questions.


Do you cover COVID-19 if I am traveling within Canada?

  • Some policies will cover you for claims and quarantine needs relating to COVID-19 while traveling to any other province or territory within Canada.  Others, are looking to the provinces to cover the COVID-19 related medical bills.  Either way, because the Canadian Government has issued a non-essential travel advisory for travel OUTSIDE of Canada, travel WITHIN Canada will inevitably be provided for claims relating to the virus.  Please be sure to speak with your Travel Insurance Specialist about your coverage options and limitations.

Do you cover COVID-19 if I am traveling outside Canada?

  • Yes, we have options to have COVID-19 covered; just like any other condition, you are subject to the plan’s eligibility and category questions, stability periods and some plans have added a few COVID-19 related questions.

If I travel now, on my existing annual policy, will I be covered?

  • Most insurance companies are honouring coverage on existing policies; however, while there is a government travel advisory in place, there may be an exclusion for claims relating to COVID-19.  Please be sure to email or call us to discuss your specific plan prior to travel.  We may have a rider available that can be added to your existing policy!

What if I need to be tested for COVID-19 because of symptoms abroad?

  • Some plans cover your transportation costs to get tested, the test, and even the cost of accommodation and food delivery if you need to be quarantined for up to 14 days while you receive your test result.


Do you cover COVID-19?

  • Yes, our policies cover Covid-19 provided you arrive healthy; all sickness/viruses are subject to the plan’s eligibility and stability periods.


Do you cover COVID-19?

  • Yes, we have both inbound and outbound options to cover COVID-19, subject to the plan’s eligibility and stability periods.


I bought Trip Cancellation Coverage and the Tour/Airline Company is offering me a credit.  Do I have to accept this credit?

  • In most cases, if you are offered a voucher or credit, this is considered compensation and you would not be able to submit a claim for Trip Cancellation so most clients are encouraged to accept the offer of voucher/credit where they are able.

My trip was cancelled, can I change the dates on my Trip Cancellation policy?

  • Yes, you can amend the dates up to 18 months out.

Can I claim for trip cancellation because of COVID-19?

  • Similar to travel medical insurance, the cost of the non-refundable portion of your trip may be covered if you booked and purchased the trip cancellation policy prior to any travel advisory for any area, country, cruise ship and again, as of March 13th, travel anywhere outside Canada, as noted on the Canadian Government’s “Avoid Non-Essential and Avoid all Travel” list. You must also meet the terms and conditions of the application at point of purchase.

What if I can’t get back to Canada because of COVID-19 even though I am not infected?

  • The costs of quarantine outside of hospital may not be covered unless Trip Interruption coverage was purchased prior to departure.


Please refer to the Government of Canada’s travel advisory page and other resources below which will advise on the specific dates that these advisories took effect and other important information.
Canada – Travel Advisory
Canada – Travel health notices – Levels of risk
Canada – Registration of Canadians Abroad